About Sabiha

I am Sabiha Khokhar, born in Kenya now living in London – a busy working mother, wife, published author and passionate cook. Despite having many interests in life, my greatest joy is FOOD!

As a child, some of my earliest and fondest memories are of following my mother around in the kitchen and learning from her, the joys of creating wonderful food. My maa is a very talented cook, her knowledge and experience and encouragement from my father, enthused me to cook dishes that were enjoyed by my brothers and my parents.

Today, my own buzzing kitchen is the focal point of our home and is always a happy, warm and bustling place. In this my favourite room, I can produce traditional dishes to a very high standard, but I love trying out new recipes which I test, create and perfect for my husband, my grown-up children and hundreds of welcome (and usually hungry!) visitors.

On this website, you will find easy to follow steps to produce all-time favourites like Chicken Curry, Biryani, and many others, but you will also find lots of new recipes like Chicken Karahi Dhaba, Papri Chaat and Mock Kunafa.

The recipes are not only a collection from some of my trips to countries like India, Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Turkey, Zanzibar, but are also sourced from folks I meet at functions and gatherings or visit in their own homes and then coax to share their secrets!