I am sure we all know sandwiches have been around for yonks, but do we know who created them and when?  The British would love to take the accolade as they have a town named Sandwich and they also claim that the Earl of Sandwich invented them and made them

This is a Kenyan coastal/Swahili fried bread.  A true mahambri has to be hollow on the inside for stuffing, slightly crunchy on the outside and not too sweet.  It’s a must have with tea when peckish, is great as an accompaniment to a party spread and is most definitely the

Naan making is like making bread, the right dough will produce soft and pliable naans and the more often you make them, the better they get!
Puris are made with unleavened flour and there is an art to get them right. The best puris I have ever had were made for us in Nakuru by my friend’s cook/maid, she brought them fluffed up straight to the dining table and we just couldnt stop eating them.
These are made with plain unleavened flour and fried in butter and or oil.