easy kheer (rice pudding) recipe

I first had this at a wedding in the USA 5 years ago and was hooked!  However,  I only started making it a couple of years ago when it started trending on social media.  As per most recipes there are loads of connotations that can be put together, my favourite

(Semolina and flour dessert) This is mostly made for larger gatherings in the Winter months and also as a give away dessert at religious gatherings.
One of my sister-in-laws is brought up in Saudi Arabia, this is one of the Middle-Eastern desserts she makes for us using Semolina.

This is a basic sponge (without butter), of Latin American origin, steeped in three kinds of milk – evaporated, sweetened condensed and double cream. It has a light texture and is not soggy as no fats are used in the making. I have requested and enjoyed it in homes, at

Recently my cousin was over from Ireland and as usual, we were discussing recipes, she said she makes this sure hit halwa, so as per usual I was intrigued.  She explained the process to me verbally and I made it the very next day where 20 odd people tasted and tested

This tea-time snack is a cross between a crumbly biscuit/cookie and cake, a good nankhatai is one that crumbles on the tongue, sweet but not too sweet.  This recipe has been handed down from our mum’s, their mums and their mums!   I remember the simplicity, 5 items each of equal

Many years ago I met this young lady in Los Angeles, California and she brought this dessert to the ‘pot luck’ at my brother’s house.

I watched a television show in the UK where Nigella Lawson made this very simple dessert.  My niece made this under my guidance during my trip to USA and I had it posted onto my sabihaskitchen facebook page, following the clamouring for the recipe, here goes. Ingredients Method

This is a semolina and vermicelli dessert perfect for tea-time or after dinner, I learnt it from a young girl who is very interested in cooking and learning. The dessert is similar to an Arabic dessert named Kunafa, so I have named it Mockunafa.
This is an excellent variation to the Banoffee pie. I got the recipe from a friend’s daughter in Lahore, Pakistan. All of the ingredients fuse into each other and produce a wonderfully pleasing dessert.
This was served at a dinner by my family in USA, it is a simple but delicious dessert.
I came across a sweet potato ice-cream recipe from Thailand; I substituted with Mango as the fruit is far more familiar and popular with family and guests.
For those that love Kulfi and find it difficult to make, here is a simple and straightforward recipe from my sister-in-law in USA.
This is a newly discovered recipe of a delicious mithai. Once again my mum from USA sent it to me.
My mum entered this dish in a food competition in London and although it didnt win any prizes - it looked very presentable!
This is a frequently made dessert in Indian and Pakistani homes and it is difficult to estimate ingredients. My sister-in-law who lives in Milpitas has worked out the following measure with perfect results every time.
This is a very popular milk based refreshing milkshake dessert contain a variety of different flavours. The version served in East African restaurants differs from the one served in Pakistani restaurants. This one originates from Kenya.
When we were growing up in Kenya, my mum was always finding innovative ways to use up leftovers. She often made this halwa with left-over bread and thick bread ends that none of us wanted to eat.