I am sure we all know sandwiches have been around for yonks, but do we know who created them and when?  The British would love to take the accolade as they have a town named Sandwich and they also claim that the Earl of Sandwich invented them and made them

So growing up in tropical Kenya, and following my dad with his Government office transfers every 3 years, we met and socialised with a variety of people Goans, Hindu punjabis, Sikhs, Sindhis, Gujaratis etc who made differing cuisines in their home. We exchanged recipes and were in and out of

This recipe is from natashaskitchen, she is on instagram and has a website, I love her easy to follow recipes that turn out lovely. This one is a winter salad, looks appealing and the simplicity of the vinaigrette dressing just works perfectly with the ingredients used. Enjoy! Ingredients Dressing Salad

During Covid Lockdowns 2020/2021 I set myself a task – how to make at least 5 types of really happening chicken wings! The really successful ones are on this website. This recipe has been shared with me by one of my many cousins, it really hits the spot as the

I came across this recipe from cookingshooking on my Facebook feed, I made it yesterday and it was soooo popular, it motivated me to write it onto my website immediately. A simple and tasty starter. Ingredients Method

We have been making different kinds of fish over the years, and some of the recipes are already on this website. This one is very special to me as its taught to me by a friend from my long gone youth! My friend is a vegetarian who doesn’t even eat

This currently very trending recipe is called Chicken Malai Boti for a reason.  Malai translates into cream in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi but is also a term used to explain something very soft, velvety and smooth, and boti is a small piece of meat.  Hence the name Chicken Malai Boti! 

This is an amazing reproduction of one of our childhood favourites – Potato & Mince cutlets – in Kenya also known as bateta champs or cutlass), but with fewer calories and a satisfying taste.  My cousin from Reading inherited her mum’s recipe and makes it (upon request) at all our

Dahin bhallay (dahin vada, dahin bhalla, dahin vaday) are known by many names and the dish is very popular as a snack in a lot of countries like India, Pakistan, Mauritius, Kenya and of course in Asian households around the world.  There are a multitude of different recipes for making

Salad is salad!For years we have been serving salads as a side dish with no dressing making it a challenge to swallow! Having lived in the West and also travelled to many corners of the world, I have now realised that a good dressing is all it takes to make

This is one of my most recent ‘acquisitions’! A very talented lady who is an amazing cook, served my lovely Pupho Maryam and ‘us’ as part of our recent lunch invite. The soup was so tasty and warming I can’t even remember what else was on her brimming table. As

I saw this recipe from Masala hut online, made it once loved it and then adjusted it to our tastebuds, hence the name change to Bhuna Chicken 95 – courtesy of my husband.  Its a dry roast chicken and should be served as a starter with a salad, if serving

This recipe is a cross between East and West brought to our palate by one of my mum’s friends in the UK.  Every 27th night of Ramadan, aunty would send her son to deliver this really huge baked chicken and sweetcorn tray.  My children would demolish half of it at

In Kenya we grew up eating ‘Chana Bateta’ the best ones were made by my friend Yasmin (Khoji) of Nakuru. Her channas were to die for, nothing like the ones us Punjabis make.  The added touch was curry patta, gram flower and raw mango.  She usually served them with a

Those of you that have been to Nathiagali, Muree will have missed out, if you didn’t eat the fried chillie chicken and mash ki daal at the famous Taj Mahal Hotel – actually a restaurant. The chicken is deep fried and comes out coated with chillies, served with dollops of

This is a really warming Chinese style chicken and vegetable soup perfect for Winter nights.  I got the recipe from Aqsa Khalid of Lahore.  It’s quite simple, but as with most soups you need to produce a good stock for a tasty rich outcome, so be patient – or you

Chinese with a touch of Pakistan! I actually took classes in Lahore, Pakistan to emulate the dishes served in the Chinese restaurants in Lahore. I have travelled the world over, tried many Chinese connotations but nothing comes close to the dishes served in Lahore. I even took to the kitchen

Another of the lovely food memories from my younger days growing up in Mombasa.  The joy of walking home from Mbheni Primary School with friends, passing by hawkers with Achaari, Vitumbua, Sour potatoes near Mbheni Bazaar. Buying these potatoes, served on white paper or newspaper, topped with ghatia, crisps, chutneys, using the finger

This is a very easy and convenient recipe taught to us by our cousin Talat who resides in Tullamore, Ireland.  My 14 year old niece in California made this for her family and found it easy to make and yet delicious. Ingredients Method

This dish has connections to the happy years I spent in Mombasa and memories of any and every dish having some ‘tui’ coconut milk added to it. There is makai (corn) paka, kuku (chicken) paka, machi (fish) paka, dhal (lentils) paka etc. The recipe has many versions and was imported

This is baked kebab pastry very similar to sausage rolls.
My friend who owns a restaurant showed me how to make wings in this unusual way.

I remember going to River Road with my grandmother especially for a plate of Maru’s (the owner’s name) Bhajia, they would be served freshly fried, with two chutneys, one quite hot (in chillies) the other sour.  Unless you poured lashings of both over the bhajias to soak, you just didn’t

I have no idea of the origins of this lovely starter, but have very fond memories of being treated to cutlets during my growing years in Kenya regularly by my mother and occasionally by my maternal grandmother, who made them by pounding the potatoes in a pestle and mortar!  

A recipe with many different tastes, I overhead two ladies exchanging this recipe at a gathering. I replicated it at home and my family of ‘tasters’ loved it!
This is a spongy savoury steamed cake made with yoghurt; I learnt to make this in Nakuru, Kenya
Grill or BBQ This is an excellent recipe for kebabs, passed down to me by my mother.
This is a popular street food in Mombasa and there are intricate steps to the pastry making element of the recipe. Whilst living in the fast paced West, we have an easier version that still reminds us of our happy childhood eating at the roadside in Kenya!
I think very fondly of Totem Kiosk in Nakuru where I learnt how to make this unusual chips recipe.
This is a lovely chaat made either with cassava (mogo) or boiled potatoes and brought together with tamarind chutney.
This is a popular recipe put together and served at our staff restaurant - theatre cooking!
This is a lovely refreshing chaat that binds unusual ingredients together with yoghurt and tamarind.
This recipe was given to me by a lady from Northern Pakistan, I ran into her at one of the Heathrow hotels, we got talking about food and cooking and exchanged a few ideas. This is an unusual and very yummy lamb dish.
This dish can be served as a starter or as a main with naan bread or French bread.
This is a simple recipe, perfect as a starter, ideal for picnics and excellent as a sandwich filling. It was passed on to me by a Khoji friend from Tanzania.
Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese, sometimes made at home but more often shop bought. It is easily available in most UK Supermarkets and Indian grocers. My childhood friend in Leicester makes the best Chillie paneer and this is her recipe.
Umm! these are smokey bbq wings taught to me by my youngest sister-in-law, who loves making unusual dishes and is a master at them!
Par-boiled cauliflower florets coated with mince. An innovative recipe shared by a friend’s lovely mum who was a very experienced cook.
I learnt this from my mum in California.