Family Meals

Family meals

For family meals, there is usually only one main dish. If it has a wet sauce it is accompanied with rice; if the dish is drier, then we have chappatti, naan or even ordinary bread with it. Starters and additional main dishes are only served on special occasions.

The table is laid nicely, with a jug of water, and yoghurt for those who prefer to cool the spices down a little. As well as the main dish there is often a simple side salad – sliced tomatoes, cucumber and crisp fresh lettuce – which we usually serve without dressing.

All of the recipes below are available on our Sabiha’s Kitchen website.

Menu 1

Chicken curry

Menu 2

Kebabs (burgers), or boneless chicken tikka orTandoori chicken roast
Mixed vegetables in masala

Menu 3

Fish masala
Accompanied by yoghurt chutney or boondi raita

Menu 4

Afghani Pilao (one-pot meal)
Accompanied by plain full fat yoghurt

Menu 5

Shahjehani Pilao
Accompanied by plain full fat yoghurt
Masala Chips or
Papri Chaat