Pilao/Pulao/Pilaf/Pilaw consists of rice flavoured with spices and cooked in stock with meat, fish or vegetables. It is not chillie hot but is certainly rich in spices and there are differing versions of this in Arabia, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.  The recipe below, is an incredibly different version of

This is a rice dish made with lamb, beef or chicken,and is widely available in most Middle Eastern countries, it is an Arabian take on Pilao/Biryani and the change is so satisfying when served with the special chutney that goes with it. For years some of the Sheikh family has

No Chinese meal is complete without at least one rice dish, this is a quick and easy recipe for egg-fried rice, it’s an easy dish to take to picnics, eat on its own or as part of a whole meal.  Ingredients are approximate, as it’s a ‘whatever’ goes kind of

Plain rice is a perfect accompaniment for curry dishes and some meat and vegetable dishes e.g Chicken curry, Lamb or Chicken with potatoes, Lamb and Chicken with spinach etc
Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and I had the pleasure of watching a pretty Afghani lady demonstrate the intricacies of this dish in a West London kitchen. There are 4 stages to this dish, each one equally important, but the completed dish is usually served as the main and
This recipe is made as a main meal in memon homes in Kenya and was made and demonstrated for me by my cousin who works with me.

This is a lovely rice dish, demonstrated to me by my sister-in-law from Saudi Arabia. The mastery of the dish is in the ‘wrist’, as there is a mixture of aubergine, onions and spices at the bottom of the pan with the rice cooked on the top. Just before serving,

Shahjehan was an Indian Moghul Emperor and the rich and intense cuisine is accurately depicted in this lovely rice and boneless chicken dish, served with plenty of freshly chopped coriander and a yoghurt mint sauce.
Biryanis are really a meal in one and usually eaten with a full fat plain yoghurt and a good mixed salad. There are many recipes for this very popular dish, my favourite one is from my friend in Nakuru, her hands move so quickly when she is in the kitchen,
This method to cook rice uses a ‘measure’ of water and maybe more suitable for beginners.
Pilao rice is a good accompaniment for vegetarian dishes e.g spinach and potato, aubergine and potato, cauliflower and potato.
This is a recipe from my mum’s friend who taught us Middle Eastern, Pakistani and Kenyan dishes, you could never visit her and not be fed a whole meal!
We have a feast every Ramadan at my friend’s house, this year she made this lovely whole chicken pilao and when the dish arrived at the table, it made quite an impression and the concept to slice the chicken and serve yourself with the rice was very popular!
This is another recipe that just was created with ’left-overs’ but I have regularly made it and family and guests do enjoy it.