This is a very popular milk based refreshing milkshake dessert contain a variety of different flavours. The version served in East African restaurants differs from the one served in Pakistani restaurants. This one originates from Kenya.


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Cuisine: Kenyan Asian Serves: 8 Cooking Time: 15 minutes


    Stage 1

  • You can use thin Chinese or Indian Noodles known as Vermicelli - cook until al dente, drain and cool.
  • Or
  • To make the noodles
  • Stage 2

  • Special Milk
  • Boil 2 pts milk until reduced by half, add half tsp rose water and 4tbs Singapore Red Rose syrup.
  • Or mix 10oz can of evaporated milk to two pints of milk, flavour as above.


Stage 1


Have a deep bowl in the sink, add 4 pints of cold water add 2 cups of ice cubes


Into a pan add 1 cup corn flour and 2½ cups water, mix well whilst cold, place on a hot flame, keep stirring until the mixture turns from white to colourless (like petroleum jelly).


Put mixture whilst hot through a special noodle making machine or use a hole punch to make small holes in a plastic bag. Press out into the cold water in the bowl, strain, discard water and store in a bowl in the fridge.


Add 1 tbs takbloonka (basil seeds) to a cup of cold water and keep aside for 30mins.

Stage 2


Add half a cup of the milk mixture in a tall serving glass.


Add 1tbs pre-soaked basil seeds.


Add 3tbs of the noodles.


Add 2 tbs crushed ice and then top with 2 scoops ice-cream or kulfi.


Serve immediately, lovely and cooling during the Summer.

Meal: Desserts