Pakora/Pakoda/fritter Kadhi/kadhee (Pakistani Punjabi)

There is always a personal, regional or cultural take on most recipes and Pakora Kadhi is no exception to that. Yo may well be familiar with this gram flour and yoghurt based sour stew, with deep fried pakoras/fritters dunked in, served over rice or with chapattis/naan. In Muslim households where

Mogo/muhogo/Cassava/Yuca Haleem Soup

We grew up in Kenya and so are very familiar with mogo also known as cassava/yuca (NOT YUCCA!). In the coastal towns like Mombasa and Malindi, it is spotted on roadsides, being roasted on coal, or sliced straight into hot oil to be fried into crisps, enjoyed sprinkled with red

Unday Gunday/Kageena eggs n onions

Hmm! this is a popular dish for breakfast but also works well if hungry unannounced guests turn up! This occurred quite frequently during our growing years in Kenya and also at my home in UK. Nowadays the second/third generation can afford hotels, Airbnbs and fancy breakfasts and brunches. However, we

New Chicken (murgh) Karahi

There are just so many karahi recipes around, some are really good, some are average and some just don’t meet the criteria of good karahis. A true karahi is one that doesn’t use onions in the recipe and doesn’t have lashings of gravy. When chicken and lamb dishes include onions,

Desi chicken sandwiches

I am sure we all know sandwiches have been around for yonks, but do we know who created them and when?  The British would love to take the accolade as they have a town named Sandwich and they also claim that the Earl of Sandwich invented them and made them

Taj Vegetable soup

So growing up in tropical Kenya, and following my dad with his Government office transfers every 3 years, we met and socialised with a variety of people Goans, Hindu punjabis, Sikhs, Sindhis, Gujaratis etc who made differing cuisines in their home. We exchanged recipes and were in and out of

Kheer (Rice pudding)

easy kheer (rice pudding) recipe

Winter or all season Salad

This recipe is from natashaskitchen, she is on instagram and has a website, I love her easy to follow recipes that turn out lovely. This one is a winter salad, looks appealing and the simplicity of the vinaigrette dressing just works perfectly with the ingredients used. Enjoy! Ingredients Dressing Salad

Plum chutney (Alu bukhara chutney)

This is self-explanatory – a chutney made with dried plums. It is served in Pakistan at every wedding as the country produces plums and other summer fruits in abundance. It can be quite addictive so one gets carried away and doesn’t know when to stop eating it! Sugar alert! I

Chimichuri chicken salad

I came across this chicken salad recipe online and found it interesting, I have made it numerous times with the chicken and more frequently without. The dressing is the actual success story of this salad, it is for those that like spicy/chillie hot and tangy all in one place. The

Chicken (kuku) wings

During Covid Lockdowns 2020/2021 I set myself a task – how to make at least 5 types of really happening chicken wings! The really successful ones are on this website. This recipe has been shared with me by one of my many cousins, it really hits the spot as the

Paya curry (lamb/goat/beef trotters)

It is difficult to introduce a dish that has been around for years and years and years, comes with some challenges and has traditionally been cooked overnight on very low heat. It’s one that is either hated or loved and even those that enjoy the sticky fingers and the slurping