There is always a personal, regional or cultural take on most recipes and Pakora Kadhi is no exception to that. Yo may well be familiar with this gram flour and yoghurt based sour stew, with deep fried pakoras/fritters dunked in, served over rice or with chapattis/naan. In Muslim households where

We grew up in Kenya and so are very familiar with mogo also known as cassava/yuca (NOT YUCCA!). In the coastal towns like Mombasa and Malindi, it is spotted on roadsides, being roasted on coal, or sliced straight into hot oil to be fried into crisps, enjoyed sprinkled with red

Hmm! this is a popular dish for breakfast but also works well if hungry unannounced guests turn up! This occurred quite frequently during our growing years in Kenya and also at my home in UK. Nowadays the second/third generation can afford hotels, Airbnbs and fancy breakfasts and brunches. However, we

There are just so many karahi recipes around, some are really good, some are average and some just don’t meet the criteria of good karahis. A true karahi is one that doesn’t use onions in the recipe and doesn’t have lashings of gravy. When chicken and lamb dishes include onions,

I am sure we all know sandwiches have been around for yonks, but do we know who created them and when?  The British would love to take the accolade as they have a town named Sandwich and they also claim that the Earl of Sandwich invented them and made them

So growing up in tropical Kenya, and following my dad with his Government office transfers every 3 years, we met and socialised with a variety of people Goans, Hindu punjabis, Sikhs, Sindhis, Gujaratis etc who made differing cuisines in their home. We exchanged recipes and were in and out of

easy kheer (rice pudding) recipe

This recipe is from natashaskitchen, she is on instagram and has a website, I love her easy to follow recipes that turn out lovely. This one is a winter salad, looks appealing and the simplicity of the vinaigrette dressing just works perfectly with the ingredients used. Enjoy! Ingredients Dressing Salad

This is self-explanatory – a chutney made with dried plums. It is served in Pakistan at every wedding as the country produces plums and other summer fruits in abundance. It can be quite addictive so one gets carried away and doesn’t know when to stop eating it! Sugar alert! I

I came across this chicken salad recipe online and found it interesting, I have made it numerous times with the chicken and more frequently without. The dressing is the actual success story of this salad, it is for those that like spicy/chillie hot and tangy all in one place. The

During Covid Lockdowns 2020/2021 I set myself a task – how to make at least 5 types of really happening chicken wings! The really successful ones are on this website. This recipe has been shared with me by one of my many cousins, it really hits the spot as the

It is difficult to introduce a dish that has been around for years and years and years, comes with some challenges and has traditionally been cooked overnight on very low heat. It’s one that is either hated or loved and even those that enjoy the sticky fingers and the slurping

The Afghan people have brought a lot of different types of karahis to our table, this white chicken/lamb karahi is trending all over YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. It is one of the ‘simpler’ recipes on this website as it doesn’t have too many steps. I have made this version for

There are so many stories about how the club sandwich originated, my favourite one is the one about Colonial times in Hindustan, when the cook was asked to produce a snack with leftovers and he just conjured up an amazing first ‘Club Sandwich’. And how wonderful that all major hotel

The Shinwaris, are a nomadic Afghan people and those that have moved to Pakistan have succeeded in establishing themselves via their food. As with any new migrants, familiar food provides much comfort, so the Afghans have opened up small ‘dhabas; (roadside restaurants) on major trunk roads and in some of

I first had this at a wedding in the USA 5 years ago and was hooked!  However,  I only started making it a couple of years ago when it started trending on social media.  As per most recipes there are loads of connotations that can be put together, my favourite

I came across this recipe from cookingshooking on my Facebook feed, I made it yesterday and it was soooo popular, it motivated me to write it onto my website immediately. A simple and tasty starter. Ingredients Method

Pilao/Pulao/Pilaf/Pilaw consists of rice flavoured with spices and cooked in stock with meat, fish or vegetables. It is not chillie hot but is certainly rich in spices and there are differing versions of this in Arabia, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.  The recipe below, is an incredibly different version of

Many years ago, we were frequent visitors at Madhu’s Brilliant restaurant, Southall, UK.  Uncle Madhu (Maha) was originally from Kenya so he knew our palate well, and we loved that he offered Asian Kenyan cuisine, with the likes of mogo (cassava), passion juice, bhajias, methi chicken, butter chicken and zeera

We have been making different kinds of fish over the years, and some of the recipes are already on this website. This one is very special to me as its taught to me by a friend from my long gone youth! My friend is a vegetarian who doesn’t even eat

What can I say to introduce this dish? It is almost the most ordered dish in Chinese restaurants worldwide and every chef has their own take on it. It is as it says, sweet using sugar or honey and sour using vinegar or lime/lemon. I learnt this recipe in Pakistan

As many of you will know, there are many different types of curries. Bhuna has very little gravy, rus misah (Punjabi) has a medium amount of gravy and then there is the thin shora (Punjabi), shorba (Urdu), not to be confused with shurba, an arabic stew made with meat and

This currently very trending recipe is called Chicken Malai Boti for a reason.  Malai translates into cream in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi but is also a term used to explain something very soft, velvety and smooth, and boti is a small piece of meat.  Hence the name Chicken Malai Boti! 

This is one of Marion Grasby’s recipes, her videos and explanations are just so mouth-watering and she is one of the few chefs I follow on Instagram. Check for the full step by step video on her website. Some of you have said its easier for you to follow the

Sarson ka saag, also known as kotwaan saag is a pure vegetarian dish and is made in Punjabi homes with much love and effort and then shared amongst family and friends. Making it from scratch is a long process, hence, I never made it! Luckily a friend from Leeds UK,

Keema or mince is just meat that has been finely chopped or put through a mincer and can be from cow/goat/sheep or even chicken. It is easy to cook and every bite you eat has meat in it! My uncle in Kenya had his own twist on mince/keema karahi and

Some will call this the ‘king’ of dhals some the ‘queen’ as it was a favourite of the Moghuls and is still the dhal of choice at formal dinners. It is a pulse that comes in a black coating on the outside, and has a white interior when split and

Each of my recipes has a story of where and how I came across it and this one is no different! Our friends invited us for lunch at Gilanis Restaurant during our recent trip to Nakuru, Kenya where I went to school and you guessed it, served us loads of

This is an amazing reproduction of one of our childhood favourites – Potato & Mince cutlets – in Kenya also known as bateta champs or cutlass), but with fewer calories and a satisfying taste.  My cousin from Reading inherited her mum’s recipe and makes it (upon request) at all our

This is a rice dish made with lamb, beef or chicken,and is widely available in most Middle Eastern countries, it is an Arabian take on Pilao/Biryani and the change is so satisfying when served with the special chutney that goes with it. For years some of the Sheikh family has

This recipe has been passed down for generations in my paternal family and was taught to me by an aunt in Narowal, Pakistan.
(Semolina and flour dessert) This is mostly made for larger gatherings in the Winter months and also as a give away dessert at religious gatherings.
One of my sister-in-laws is brought up in Saudi Arabia, this is one of the Middle-Eastern desserts she makes for us using Semolina.

Dahin bhallay (dahin vada, dahin bhalla, dahin vaday) are known by many names and the dish is very popular as a snack in a lot of countries like India, Pakistan, Mauritius, Kenya and of course in Asian households around the world.  There are a multitude of different recipes for making

A Greek/Arab/Turkish dish made all over the world to differing ingredients. This recipe is my mum’s and she frequently made it for us upon request during our growing years in Kenya, and when I eat this it still conjures up a warm loving family feeling. This recipe has a desi

Mums are the fonts of all knowledge! I went shopping the other day and bought these lovely looking small aubergines on an impulse, I am home and thinking, I have never made these without meat or chicken where do I begin?  Easy call mother! She sent me the recipe via

During our recent tour of South East Asia, we had the opportunity to try different cuisines and very different recipes, some didn’t sit very well with our views living in the UK, for example the copious amounts of salt used in this recipe. Note, the whole skin with salt can

A very simple and satisfying granola recipe, its so simple to prepare, I often wonder why we bother buying the stuff! Ingredients Method

Kashmiri (the original leaves originate in Kashmiri) or Gulabi (Pink) Chai (Tea) is a savoured delicacy and the process to get the correct pink coloured milky liquid into a fine bone china cup is unlike any other.  Copious amounts are literally downed in the Punjab over the cold winter months

Salad is salad!For years we have been serving salads as a side dish with no dressing making it a challenge to swallow! Having lived in the West and also travelled to many corners of the world, I have now realised that a good dressing is all it takes to make

This is one of my most recent ‘acquisitions’! A very talented lady who is an amazing cook, served my lovely Pupho Maryam and ‘us’ as part of our recent lunch invite. The soup was so tasty and warming I can’t even remember what else was on her brimming table. As

I saw this recipe from Masala hut online, made it once loved it and then adjusted it to our tastebuds, hence the name change to Bhuna Chicken 95 – courtesy of my husband.  Its a dry roast chicken and should be served as a starter with a salad, if serving

Pilao/Pilaf/Pilaff you spell it how you like! This is a dish of rice and meat, it is milder than a biryani, but with an unusualy aroma of spices.  Pilaos are made all over the world with chicken, lamb, beef or even vegetables.  I believe the first written recipe was by

So finally mooching around on Facebook has paid off! I saw this recipe lurking on someone’s post and it looked so simple.  On impulse, I made it with trepidation for my family who are quite fond of Italian food and some class themselves as Pizza Express experts – like that’s Italian! 

Tawa – is a griddle/frying pan/flat piece of metal with very low walls, sometimes convex, it is usually made of iron sheet or cast iron, but also comes in steel, aluminium and with non-stick coatings.  It is widely used in the East for making naans or chappatis. There are two

Nihari was a dish created for kings, nawabs and emperors but also served in huge vats to the workers in eras gone by. Rich in meat content, light on spices but very satisfying.  My first encounter was via our friend Mrs Ghauri, she sent a bowlfull for us to enjoy

This recipe is a cross between East and West brought to our palate by one of my mum’s friends in the UK.  Every 27th night of Ramadan, aunty would send her son to deliver this really huge baked chicken and sweetcorn tray.  My children would demolish half of it at

Those of us living in the UK have seen many an influx of different races and creeds, each bringing into Britain their very own personal cuisine, always tried and tested by locals.  At present the Afghanis are making in-roads into the local restaurant scene with their very own specialities, some

In Kenya we grew up eating ‘Chana Bateta’ the best ones were made by my friend Yasmin (Khoji) of Nakuru. Her channas were to die for, nothing like the ones us Punjabis make.  The added touch was curry patta, gram flower and raw mango.  She usually served them with a

Those of you that have been to Nathiagali, Muree will have missed out, if you didn’t eat the fried chillie chicken and mash ki daal at the famous Taj Mahal Hotel – actually a restaurant. The chicken is deep fried and comes out coated with chillies, served with dollops of

This is a basic sponge (without butter), of Latin American origin, steeped in three kinds of milk – evaporated, sweetened condensed and double cream. It has a light texture and is not soggy as no fats are used in the making. I have requested and enjoyed it in homes, at

This is a really warming Chinese style chicken and vegetable soup perfect for Winter nights.  I got the recipe from Aqsa Khalid of Lahore.  It’s quite simple, but as with most soups you need to produce a good stock for a tasty rich outcome, so be patient – or you

For this recipe you will either already be used to and enjoy eating  cooked bitter sweet fenugreek leaves or you will need to acquire a taste for it. Bear in mind that the very strong distinctive aroma of fenugreek will remain with you for 24 hours! It’s made very frequently

No Chinese meal is complete without at least one rice dish, this is a quick and easy recipe for egg-fried rice, it’s an easy dish to take to picnics, eat on its own or as part of a whole meal.  Ingredients are approximate, as it’s a ‘whatever’ goes kind of

Again, this is one of the lovely Chinese with a Pakistani touch, ever popular in Pakistani restaurants and easily re-created in the home. Ingredients Stage 1 Stage 2 Method Stage 1 Stage 2

If I say this is the most favourite, very favourite, the favourite dish of my family you will get the correct idea about the popularity of this dish. Again I learnt this in a very innovative tutor’s kitchen in Lahore, we helped with chopping and preparing, she showed us the

Chinese with a touch of Pakistan! I actually took classes in Lahore, Pakistan to emulate the dishes served in the Chinese restaurants in Lahore. I have travelled the world over, tried many Chinese connotations but nothing comes close to the dishes served in Lahore. I even took to the kitchen

Recently my cousin was over from Ireland and as usual, we were discussing recipes, she said she makes this sure hit halwa, so as per usual I was intrigued.  She explained the process to me verbally and I made it the very next day where 20 odd people tasted and tested

We have been making Kofta (Meatball) curries from the time of the Mughal empire in India, recipes have been evolving over time and there is always a new one around the corner!  My mum is always looking up unique recipes, she found this unusual kofta curry recipe in a magazine and made

Another of the lovely food memories from my younger days growing up in Mombasa.  The joy of walking home from Mbheni Primary School with friends, passing by hawkers with Achaari, Vitumbua, Sour potatoes near Mbheni Bazaar. Buying these potatoes, served on white paper or newspaper, topped with ghatia, crisps, chutneys, using the finger

When we were growing up in Kenya, our mothers took pride in feeding us and our guests homemade snacks.  Popat as my mum called these, were one of the salty snacks and went down a treat with a cup of tea or ice-cold soda.  Some people know them as namak

Bhun is a Pakistani cooking technique in which ingredients are fried until the oils separates.  Onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and spices are fried in hot oil, until they have formed a paste. It is different from a curry as it is not as runny/liquidy. Hence, it cannot be eat with rice,

On one of my annual trips to sunny California to visit family I was served this salad the ‘killer’ ingredient is the almost raw mango – mouthwatering.  It has a tangy, sharp and sweet flavour and goes really well with a Thai/Chinese meal or with a bbq, of course we can’t compete

This tea-time snack is a cross between a crumbly biscuit/cookie and cake, a good nankhatai is one that crumbles on the tongue, sweet but not too sweet.  This recipe has been handed down from our mum’s, their mums and their mums!   I remember the simplicity, 5 items each of equal

My son went on a holiday to Sri Lanka and couldn’t stop raving about this very frequently served dish in hotels and small establishments.  I remember it from my visit to Sri Lanka where it was cooked by the chef at Sigiri Rock Villa an eco friendly hotel which was a

This is a Kenyan coastal/Swahili fried bread.  A true mahambri has to be hollow on the inside for stuffing, slightly crunchy on the outside and not too sweet.  It’s a must have with tea when peckish, is great as an accompaniment to a party spread and is most definitely the

This dish is synonymous with Mombasa – Kenya, it is cooked in many homes by many women and sometimes men, but as with all popular dishes the recipe changes to accommodate differing palates, this is an authentic recipe from my friend who lives in Mombasa and makes my favourite form

This was made popular within our family by one of my aunt’s in Kenya. It has no oil and yet can be stored in the refrigerator. The trick is to use the correct type of limes.
Many years ago I met this young lady in Los Angeles, California and she brought this dessert to the ‘pot luck’ at my brother’s house.

This is a very easy and convenient recipe taught to us by our cousin Talat who resides in Tullamore, Ireland.  My 14 year old niece in California made this for her family and found it easy to make and yet delicious. Ingredients Method

This dish has connections to the happy years I spent in Mombasa and memories of any and every dish having some ‘tui’ coconut milk added to it. There is makai (corn) paka, kuku (chicken) paka, machi (fish) paka, dhal (lentils) paka etc. The recipe has many versions and was imported

A roast chicken with a sticky masala that is served as a starter or as part of a dinner menu.

I watched a television show in the UK where Nigella Lawson made this very simple dessert.  My niece made this under my guidance during my trip to USA and I had it posted onto my sabihaskitchen facebook page, following the clamouring for the recipe, here goes. Ingredients Method

This is baked kebab pastry very similar to sausage rolls.
My friend who owns a restaurant showed me how to make wings in this unusual way.

I remember going to River Road with my grandmother especially for a plate of Maru’s (the owner’s name) Bhajia, they would be served freshly fried, with two chutneys, one quite hot (in chillies) the other sour.  Unless you poured lashings of both over the bhajias to soak, you just didn’t

This is an unusual pasta dish with a Pakistani connotation, it can be eaten hot or cold, and is a very suitable and popular item at a high tea or dinner party.  The fresh fragrant green coriander gives it that deeper more startling flavour which keeps people returning for more

I have no idea of the origins of this lovely starter, but have very fond memories of being treated to cutlets during my growing years in Kenya regularly by my mother and occasionally by my maternal grandmother, who made them by pounding the potatoes in a pestle and mortar!  

This is a dish with a mix of tastes, I would describe it as Chinese leaning towards the Pakistani palate.  It is quite ‘hot’ in chillies, so feel free to reduce or omit the chillies to your taste. My lovely niece in Dublin, California made this and her plating is

My lunchtimes just turned interesting! Ok here is my first ever video production with a recipe – following the successful productions of weddings this summer, i put my best camera smile on! my choice was to have a voice only video without my ageing surat, but the videographer didnt agree,

We have a feast every Ramadan at my friend’s house, this year she made this lovely whole chicken pilao and when the dish arrived at the table, it made quite an impression and the concept to slice the chicken and serve yourself with the rice was very popular!
This is a recipe from my mum’s friend who taught us Middle Eastern, Pakistani and Kenyan dishes, you could never visit her and not be fed a whole meal!
Pilao rice is a good accompaniment for vegetarian dishes e.g spinach and potato, aubergine and potato, cauliflower and potato.
This method to cook rice uses a ‘measure’ of water and maybe more suitable for beginners.
Dry boondi (bundi) is readily available in Indian grocery stores and some supermarkets.
This chutney is really good with any coconut based dish and with roast chicken. This version originates from Mombasa, Kenya where I learnt to make it when I was 10 years old!
This recipe was given to me by a lady from Northern Pakistan, I ran into her at one of the Heathrow hotels, we got talking about food and cooking and exchanged a few ideas. This is an unusual and very yummy lamb dish.
This has been voted the most ordered dish in the UK and it was created in England at the request of local customers. There are many versions, some for the indegenous population and some for the authentic palate. The recipe below is a mixture of ideas from England and Kenya!
The most popular starter that can be cooked in so many different ways and easily be reproduced in the home!
This is an excellent variation to the Banoffee pie. I got the recipe from a friend’s daughter in Lahore, Pakistan. All of the ingredients fuse into each other and produce a wonderfully pleasing dessert.
This was served at a dinner by my family in USA, it is a simple but delicious dessert.
This has a kick with the chillies and then the coconut 'calms' it down and produces a lovely infused taste.
I had this for the first time in USA March 2010 where a young girl called Nida had helped lay the table in readiness for a special meal prepared by her mum and this dhal was and wasnot a dhal all in one! Try it and let me know if
Umm! these are smokey bbq wings taught to me by my youngest sister-in-law, who loves making unusual dishes and is a master at them!
Biryanis are really a meal in one and usually eaten with a full fat plain yoghurt and a good mixed salad. There are many recipes for this very popular dish, my favourite one is from my friend in Nakuru, her hands move so quickly when she is in the kitchen,
A few years ago, I had an exchange student from Sir Lanka who could cook really well. This is a lovely, warming dish that we cooked and ate together. Her version was extremely hot but I have reduced the chillie content to how we like it - medium but still
Shahjehan was an Indian Moghul Emperor and the rich and intense cuisine is accurately depicted in this lovely rice and boneless chicken dish, served with plenty of freshly chopped coriander and a yoghurt mint sauce.

This is a lovely rice dish, demonstrated to me by my sister-in-law from Saudi Arabia. The mastery of the dish is in the ‘wrist’, as there is a mixture of aubergine, onions and spices at the bottom of the pan with the rice cooked on the top. Just before serving,

This recipe is made as a main meal in memon homes in Kenya and was made and demonstrated for me by my cousin who works with me.
Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and I had the pleasure of watching a pretty Afghani lady demonstrate the intricacies of this dish in a West London kitchen. There are 4 stages to this dish, each one equally important, but the completed dish is usually served as the main and
Plain rice is a perfect accompaniment for curry dishes and some meat and vegetable dishes e.g Chicken curry, Lamb or Chicken with potatoes, Lamb and Chicken with spinach etc
These are made with plain unleavened flour and fried in butter and or oil.
Puris are made with unleavened flour and there is an art to get them right. The best puris I have ever had were made for us in Nakuru by my friend’s cook/maid, she brought them fluffed up straight to the dining table and we just couldnt stop eating them.
Naan making is like making bread, the right dough will produce soft and pliable naans and the more often you make them, the better they get!
This is a very healthy refreshing Middle Eastern salad which I had at a restaurant in Edgware road, London and thereafter learnt the recipe by trial and error.
This recipe was created by one of the chefs at my place of work in Brentford. It was quite easy to work out the recipe as the ingredients are all visible!
There are a variety of excellent chillie sauces now readily available in most countries. If you would like to make your own, this recipe I learnt in Pakistan is really simple and excellent.
This was introduced to us by an aunty in Nairobi who was very innovative in the kitchen.

Ingredients Method

A raita is a dish made with yoghurt. Different items like onion, cucumber, baked aubergine, par-boiled marrow or bundi (see below) can be added. This one is with cucumber, if the chillies are omitted, it can provide the mildness required to compliment a really spicy dish.
A Middle Eastern accompaniment, I saw my daughter learning this recipe from one of my favourite uncles who lives in Isleworth, London.
An easy to make chutney which is perfect to serve with, starters, snacks and bbqs.
As with a majority of recipes on this website, there is more than one way of making this chutney. This is a recipe from my sister-in-law in Pakistan who serves it with Tandoori chicken and other roasts.
This is called alu bukhara (dry plums) chutney in Pakistan and made at weddings on a large scale. I learnt this from my husband’s 75 year old uncle, he actually made it for me and then told me how to do it right!
This is a really good mixture of mainly green ingredients and works very well as a dip or accompaniment.
This chutney goes well with a lot of dry snacks and starters but especially with the Dokhra and Kebabs.
This is an excellent accompaniment for crisps and tacos but also goes well with Chicken Cornflakes and Lamb chops with tomato puree.
This is one of the most commonly served accompaniments with rice and vegetarian dishes in mosques especially in East Africa.
This is a common dish in Indian and Pakistani households, my version has a tarka at the end that makes it different and produces a wonderful aroma.

My grandma from Narowal – Pakistan used to make this really tasty potato dish.  We have made it many times over in other cities in Pakistan, Kenya and now in the UK.  The outcome depends on the type of potatoes used, for e.g Meru potatoes work best in Kenya, New potatoes

This is a very simple Okra recipe suitable for vegetarians.
A traditional way of making whole masoor the Narowalian way - Pakistan. It can be served as a soup with French bread.
Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese, sometimes made at home but more often shop bought. It is easily available in most UK Supermarkets and Indian grocers. My childhood friend in Leicester makes the best Chillie paneer and this is her recipe.
This dish is prepared as part of a breakfast menu, I learnt it from a lady from Gujranwalla - Pakistan. The result is a dark and muddy chickpea dish.
My mum’s friend from Afganistan now residing in California shared this recipe with us. It is an intricate dish with many stages but the end result is tasty and pleasing to the eye!
This is a special Pakistani Restaurant and Roadside dish cooked on an Iron griddle or frying pan to impart special flavours.
Contrary to popular belief, we do Roasts including Leg of Lamb. As we enjoy the flavour of spices and garlic, we include these in our roasts. Here is a really good recipe from my aunt in Narowal.
This is a recipe that just happened! I made some fist shaped kebabs as a starter, they were not very popular with those that ate them and I had loads leftover. The next day I made a masala and mixed the two.
This is a very innovative recipe shared with me by my sister-in-law in the USA. The yoghurt and fish go together to create a yummy saucy curry!
This is the recipe for a very popular street fried fish from Ichra Bazaar in Lahore, Pakistan. I spoke to the street vendor about sharing his secret recipe with me, at first he was hesitant, but when I said I would not open up shop next to him, he was
A friend who originates from Kenya shared her family recipe with me during one Ramadan (Annual Muslim month of fasting). I have re-created it and made it many times over as it is very popular. The recipe is slightly complex but is worth the excellent result.
This is a recipe that has been in our family in Pakistan and Kenya for quite sometime and has evolved over the years. This is a straightforward version demonstrated to me by my dad’s sister in the United Kingdom.
One of my students from my Indian & Pakistani cookery class was a trained UK chef. She shared this excellent fried fish recipe with me, very easy to make and just like shop bought in the United Kingdom!
This is a simple recipe, perfect as a starter, ideal for picnics and excellent as a sandwich filling. It was passed on to me by a Khoji friend from Tanzania.
This version of Karahi chicken is mostly made at roadside shacks (dhaba) in Pakistan and it is truly yummy!
This is a specialist dish, very popular in Pakistan and the best recipes are found in roadside shacks! There are many versions of this dish; this one is a family recipe that we have been making for years.
Although in the UK, a korma is a ‘timid’ curry and for those that don’t like hot and spicy food, a korma prepared by a Pakistani or Indian will be a ‘curry’ with sweet spices like cardammom and cream or yoghurt.
I would have to begin with the most popular curry in the UK. This is a standard recipe but how it turns out will depend on the authenticity of the spices and how well you prepare the base. Once you master this, you can vary it by adding spinach, potatoes,
Pilli Pilli means chillies in Kiswahili! in other parts of the World this dish is called Piri Piri chicken! This recipe is a mixture of two recipes, one from my dear friend in Nakuru and the other from my male cousin in Nairobi!
This is a recipe from one of my cousins residing in Saudi Arabia, it is very easy to make and can be eaten hot or cold.
Another recipe from my Wembley cousin, she took one of our old recipes and made it into a new innovative roast.
My cousin in Wembley made this for us and 25 others as a main dish during Ramadan. It is very simple and does not require much marinating.
This is a semolina and vermicelli dessert perfect for tea-time or after dinner, I learnt it from a young girl who is very interested in cooking and learning. The dessert is similar to an Arabic dessert named Kunafa, so I have named it Mockunafa.
I came across a sweet potato ice-cream recipe from Thailand; I substituted with Mango as the fruit is far more familiar and popular with family and guests.
For those that love Kulfi and find it difficult to make, here is a simple and straightforward recipe from my sister-in-law in USA.
This is a newly discovered recipe of a delicious mithai. Once again my mum from USA sent it to me.
My mum entered this dish in a food competition in London and although it didnt win any prizes - it looked very presentable!
This is a frequently made dessert in Indian and Pakistani homes and it is difficult to estimate ingredients. My sister-in-law who lives in Milpitas has worked out the following measure with perfect results every time.
This is a very popular milk based refreshing milkshake dessert contain a variety of different flavours. The version served in East African restaurants differs from the one served in Pakistani restaurants. This one originates from Kenya.
When we were growing up in Kenya, my mum was always finding innovative ways to use up leftovers. She often made this halwa with left-over bread and thick bread ends that none of us wanted to eat.
This dish can be served as a starter or as a main with naan bread or French bread.
This is a lovely refreshing chaat that binds unusual ingredients together with yoghurt and tamarind.
This is a popular recipe put together and served at our staff restaurant - theatre cooking!
This is a lovely chaat made either with cassava (mogo) or boiled potatoes and brought together with tamarind chutney.
I think very fondly of Totem Kiosk in Nakuru where I learnt how to make this unusual chips recipe.
This is a popular street food in Mombasa and there are intricate steps to the pastry making element of the recipe. Whilst living in the fast paced West, we have an easier version that still reminds us of our happy childhood eating at the roadside in Kenya!
Grill or BBQ This is an excellent recipe for kebabs, passed down to me by my mother.
This is a spongy savoury steamed cake made with yoghurt; I learnt to make this in Nakuru, Kenya
A recipe with many different tastes, I overhead two ladies exchanging this recipe at a gathering. I replicated it at home and my family of ‘tasters’ loved it!
Par-boiled cauliflower florets coated with mince. An innovative recipe shared by a friend’s lovely mum who was a very experienced cook.
This is another recipe that just was created with ’left-overs’ but I have regularly made it and family and guests do enjoy it.
I learnt this from my mum in California.